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V2 PowerFlow 4500 Super Value Combo Pack

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Get two high quality, compact circulation pumps and a cutting edge wavemaker by Sicce in this great value combo pack.

All inclusive:

2x TMC PowerFlow 4500 pumps

1x Sicce Wave Surfer

PowerFlow 4500

High quality, compact water circulation pump suitable for both salt and freshwater aquariums.

Key Features

• Incorporates Sicce’s ECO technology which combines high power and flow rates with low energy consumption

• Innovative water flow regulator allows maximum control and regulation of water flow to create the perfect natural motion in your aquarium

• Versatile and fully adjustable mounting options, using strong, high quality magnets, which allow the V2PowerFlow Pump to be easily positioned and hidden in any aquarium

• Unique bi-directional impeller, manufactured from premium quality materials, offers maximum performance, efficiency, reliability and quiet operation

• Comes with 2.3m cable


Suitable for aquarium volume: 300-470 L freshwater; 150-300 L saltwater

Suitable for aquarium glass thickness: 15mm max

Flow rate: 4500 LPH

Wattage: 10w

Voltage: 230/240v

Hertz: 50

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Sicce Wave Surfer

The new Electronic Control Wave Surfer is designed to simulate real marine currents. It is easy to program with the perfect balance of features for trouble free operation without complicated computers or power controllers.

When used with aquarium pumps, the Wave Surfer permits the creation of multiple currents from different directions inside the tank. Its controls make it simple to regulate the timing of the pumps connected to it.

Customization is possible by setting switching intervals, FEEDING MODE and NIGHT MODE depending on needs of the ecosystem being created. How long pumps stay turned off during the feeding of the aquarium¹s inhabitants and how much water movement is reduced during night cycles are controlled by these settings.

Key Features

• The safest, most versatile and easiest operating wavemaker on the market

• Creates multiple currents

• Fully programmable to suit your needs

• Precise and easy to program

• Universal – for any type of pump up to 100w

• Fast timer safe

• Fitted with UK plug


Cord length: 1.5m

Voltage: 230v

Wattage: 100w

Hertz: 50Hz

Ampere: 1.5A

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