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Tortoise Food 250g

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A complete low protein, high fibre diet suitable for all Mediterranean, Horsfield’s and Sulcata Tortoises.

ProRep’s low protein tortoise food combines a range of natural foods, including grasses and edible weeds, which are chopped and then formed into cobs, before being gently dried.

Because they are not cooked at high temperatures or finely ground, more of the natural goodness is retained. With a natural scent to aid palatability and added calcium and vitamin D3 for health, this low in protein, high fibre advanced food is suitable for all Mediterranean type tortoises, including Hermann’s, Marginated, Spur Thigh and Horsfield’s Tortoises, as well as African Spurred Tortoises (G. sulcata).

It can also be used for other herbivorous reptiles such as Iguanas and Uromastyx.

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