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TMC Signature 900 Starter Kit with V2iLumenAir LED Black


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A complete system made up of TMC’s highest quality reef-keeping necessities, to give your stylish, high clarity Signature aquarium everything it needs to house an underwater world.

All inclusive:

• Signature Optiwhite Glass Aquarium

• Signature Cabinet in black

• V2iLumenAir Connect 900 LED Lighting System with WiFi

• V2 Therm 300 Digital Heater

• AquaHabitats Hydrometer/Thermometer

• Glass Dual Compartment Sump

• REEF-Skim PRO 300 Protein Skimmer

• REEF-Pump 2000

• AquaHabitats Filter Bag System

• Signature Tank Fittings Kit

Signature Optiwhite Aquarium

• Stylish, high clarity aquariums manufactured from Optiwhite (low iron) premium quality glass for super clear, true-to-nature viewing

• Rimless and braceless design with discreet silicone joints ensures unobstructed view from all angles and a minimalist look

Signature Cabinet

• High quality cabinets designed to complement your aquarium perfectly

• Stylish yet simple design, manufactured from high quality materials which offer strength as well as resilience to water and condensation

• 'No handles' single door design allows for storage of all accessories and sump and ensures a sleek, minimalist finish to the cabinet

V2iLumenAir Connect 900 LED Lighting

• Compact high PAR LED luminaire

• Built-in timing and dimming features allow for a natural pattern of light, including Sunrise, Sunset, Twilight and Moonlight settings

• Adjustable colour spectrum to enhance colour and growth in marine creatures, complete with Storm, Cloud and Acclimation functions to suit their needs

• Fully controllable via WiFi using the V2iLumenAir app

• Flexible mounting options – can be tank mounted with the fittings included, or suspended using a suspension kit sold separately

• Energy efficient and low voltage, with a power readout to tell you how much electricity is being used

• Quiet, temperature-controlled cooling fans and Thermal Cut Out Protection keep you and your tank inhabitants safe

REEF-Skim PRO 300 Protein Skimmer

• High performance, professional protein skimmer, CNC precision engineered from the highest quality materials

• Compact, space-saving design allows for easy installation

• Advanced, cone-shaped design ensures the optimum water-to-air contact time and naturally encourages the unrestricted concentration of bubbles upwards towards the collection cup for intensive, efficient skimming

• Patented bubble diffusion plate system ensures uniform dispersal of micro fine air bubbles across the entire skimmer column

• Unique, needle-wheel injection system specifically developed to ensure the perfect mix of micro fine air bubbles and water for optimum skimming

• Innovative air intake silencer offers precision adjustment of air flow into the skimmer for optimum performance and also allows simple connection to an ozone generator

• User-friendly design, including a large, easy-to-remove collection cup with drain stream, makes maintenance and cleaning effortless

• Simple water level adjustment dial allows water level and flow to be finely tuned to guarantee ideal foam consistency and highly efficient skimming

• Supplied complete with a custom-made, high-performance needle-wheel pump designed to deliver optimum flow rate and performance

REEF-Pump 2000

• High quality, compact DC pump with low voltage (24v)

• The latest electronic pump technology for high power and flow rates combined with efficient energy consumption

• Super quiet running

• Variable speed control with up to 20 different speed settings, offering precise adjustment of water flow for optimum performance

• Integrated feed timer shuts off the pump for 10 minutes to allow for easy feeding

• "Soft Start" feature to increase impeller life

V2 Therm 200 Digital Heater

• The product of advanced digital micro-processing technology

• Digitally adjustable for precise temperature setting

• Real-time water temperature is monitored and displayed via a “ClearView” LED display.

• Equipped with sophisticated “Temperature Recall” micro chip

• Fully submersible

• Thermal Cut-Off Protection for the safety of you and your tank inhabitants

• Toughened glass heater element and reinforced plastic heater element guard

• Excellent heat diffusion properties

• Simple installation using mounting brackets and suction cup clips provided


Aquarium Dimensions: 90 x 45 x 45 cm

Aquarium Volume: 182 litres

Cabinet Dimensions: 90 x 45 x 75 cm

Cabinet Colour: Black

Lighting Dimensions: 69 x 26 x 24 cm

Lighting Specs: 2 x white (35w), 24 x royal blue (3w), 3 x red (3w), 3 x green (3w), 2 x amber (3w)

Pump Voltage: 24v

Heater Wattage: 300w

Heater Temperature Range: 20°C - 34°C

Product Code: 3113-BLK

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