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TMC Gamma NutraPellets Vitality Boost

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Nutritionally complete, convenient soft food pellets for all aquarium inhabitants

• One size fits all!

• Crumbles up like flake or feed whole for larger fish

• With probiotics, garlic, aloe vera and omega 3 to boost vitality

• Suitable for feeding to new, sick or stressed fish for up to 6 weeks

• Nutritionally balanced

• 100% natural ingredients

• Extremely palatable

• Highly digestible, low waste, better water quality

• Suitable for everyday feeding of fish, corals and other invertebrates

Suitable for: marine, tropical, coldwater, cichlid and discus

Feeding Instructions: Feed as frequently as required, ensuring full consumption and no wastage

Quantity: 120g

Article Code: 8344

Click here to watch a great video showing NutraPellets in action!

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