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The Source Food Bait Pop-Ups 15mm

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Super buoyant and resilient hook baits, The Source Food Bait Pop-Ups are designed to perfectly complement the popular and phenomenally effective boilie range.

Developed with Terry Hearn way back in 2002 – (and the recipe hasn't been changed or modified since) the Dynamite Baits team spent many months sourcing and refining the ingredients and tweaking and testing the recipe until they were 100% confident that this bait would stand the test of time.

Made with a high-protein low-temperature fishmeal and other natural ingredients including Haith's Robin Red® to give the bait its deep red colour and spicy flavour, as well as several other special ingredients. Added crushed egg shell gives the bait it’s unique texture and a crunch that carp love.

The Source has been responsible for many captures in the UK and abroad, from 50lb+ carp and countless specimen barbel, it’s a real ‘go-to bait’ for anglers fishing an unknown water – making it a sound choice to take with you on overseas trips.

All of Dynamite Baits' pop-ups come with a concentrated liquid booster.

Ingredients: High protein low temperature fishmeal, Haith’s Robin Red®, special secret spice mix, Red Factor®, crushed egg shell, Terry’s special secret attractors

Size: 15mm

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