The Amazing Adventures of Steve and Chadwick

Regular visitors to Romsey World of Water will be familiar with our display ponds which feature several treasured fish who are permanent residents at the aquatic centre. By and large our aquatic friends lead a peaceful life of luxury but all that changed in February 2014 when the River Test burst its banks after heavy rainfall and our site was comprehensively flooded. Romsey World of Water was suddenly completely under water and only accessible by boat. We were upset to discover that two very special fish were on the missing list!

Chadwick the Koi

Chadwick (photo ©Solent News & Photo Agency)

Steve the Sturgeon

Steve (photo ©Solent News & Photo Agency)

Romsey World of Water Lake Before Flood


Romsey World of Water Lake After Flood


The Great Escape

Romsey World of Water was closed for 21 days during the floods and at some point during this time our favourite friends Steve the sturgeon and Chadwick the koi carp escaped into the big wide world. It was tempting to think that we would never see our friends again but then we did hope that a three foot sturgeon just might get spotted wherever he had ended up! As it turned out both fish had embarked on adventures that would rival Nemo's. Finding Steve and Chadwick wasn't going to be easy.

Super Steve

Some four weeks after the initial flooding Steve the sturgeon became something of a celebrity and even made the national news when he was spotted at a car wash one mile from Romsey World of Water. Incredibly our feisty fish had negotiated a main road, fields and a petrol station forecourt before ending up in a puddle at the car wash. You have to admire that level of ingenuity! The staff at the car wash called us in the midst of their shock at discovering what looked like a shark at their premises!

Chasing Chad

Steve was a bit battered and bruised after his ordeal and was clearly happy to be returned to his home at the aquatic centre. Sadly his friend Chadwick, also three foot long, was nowhere to be seen. March came and went and then in early April we received the news that we had been hoping for. Chad had been sighted in the Test near the Salmon Leap pub in Totton by a woman walking her dog. Chad had travelled an impressive 11km! He was later lured in with bread by some of our team and we discovered that he had taken a few knocks and suffered damage to his dorsal fin but was otherwise in amazing shape. Chadwick was soon reunited with Steve and both fish began the road to recovery.

Both Steve and Chadwick had long been firm favourites with our customers but their adventures propelled them to genuine stardom. The size, appearance and friendly natures of the fish had always made them celebrities here at Romsey but now people were traveling from far and wide just to see them!

Steve and Chadwick the Sequel

Steve and Chadwick were at the centre of an amazing story so we thought that you might like to get an update on our very special fishy friends. Both fish were decidedly glad to get home and soon began to recover well. They had taken a battering but after four months they had recovered well and were delighting our visitors once more. Chadwick will soon be residing in our 1 acre lake where visitors will be able to feed him. Steve will remain in the koi pond as transferring him to the lake could mean that we never see him again. Being a sturgeon he would head for the depths and that is no place for a superstar! Steve remains a big fish in a small pond.

The amazing Steve and Chadwick can look forward to a great future at Romsey World of Water. Both koi and sturgeon have long lifespans which means that both our team and our visitors can enjoy seeing Steve and Chadwick for many years to come. If you would like to visit the only fish more famous than Nemo then we would be delighted to welcome you to Romsey World of Water where you can enjoy our many wonderful displays. Hopefully there will be no further flooding in the future otherwise a koi and a sturgeon could be coming to a car wash somewhere near you!