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REEF-Skim 1000 DC Skimmer

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The excellent TMC Reef-Skim 1000DC is a high performance, sump-mounted protein skimmer for use with marine aquariums. This skimmer is suitable for aquariums with a capacity of up to 1000 litres and has a user friendly design which makes maintenance and cleaning simple. The integral pump facilitates easy installation in most sumps.

The Reef-Skim 1000 DC offers a feed timer and soft start function which reduces wear. The low voltage variable speed pump offers precise adjustment of waterflow whilst the advanced conical shape ensures optimum water to air contact time. The innovative shape also encourages the concentration of bubbles upwards towards the collection point for the most efficient skimming. The patented bubble diffusion plate system gives uniform dispersal of air bubbles across the column.

The TMC Reef-Skim 1000 DC features a unique needle wheel injection system which guarantees the ideal mix of air bubbles and water for protein skimming. The air intake silencer is designed to enable the precise adjustment of air flow and simplicity of connection to an ozoniser.

The handy feed setting enables you to turn off the pump whilst you feed your stock. The unit will then return to operation after a pre-set period of time and will return to its previous setting automatically.

This skimmer is precision engineered and fashioned from the finest materials.

Features at a glance:

• CNC precision engineered from the highest quality materials

• Advanced, cone-shaped design ensures the optimum water-to-air contact time for intensive, efficient skimming

• Patented bubble diffusion plate system ensures uniform dispersal of micro fine air bubbles across the entire skimmer column

• Innovative air intake silencer

• Water level adjustment dial

• Supplied with custom-made needle-wheel pump

• Ozone compatible

• Seven skimmers in the range for aquariums from 50 – 2000 litres

• Needle-wheel injection system

• DC version offers low voltage, controllability and “feed mode”


Suitable for aquariums up to: 1000 litres

Power consumption: 20w

Dimensions: 500 x 235 x 190mm

Requires constant water depth of: 215mm

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