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Prodibio BioClean_Salt Nano

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BioClean_Salt brings together BioDigest (live purifying bacteria) and Bioptim (micronutrients) to effectively biologically clean your saltwater aquarium.

Key Features of BioDigest:

- composed of live bacterial strains

- aquarium cleaning by waste matter digestion is helped by the presence of numerous different strains of heterotrophic bacteria

- nitrates and phosphates are reduced in your salt water aquarium

- enables water to be effectively purified

- prevents the spread of filamentous algae

- converts ammonia into nitrites - nitrites into nitrates - and - nitrates into nitrogen

Key Features of Bioptim:

- contains all the microelements needed for aquarium life (amino acids, enzymes, natural vitamins…)

- provides trace elements: sulphur for proteins, iron for plants and fish blood...

- dynamises the cellular metabolism of most of the bacteria living in saltwater aquariums

- Bioptim speedily accelerates the digestion of organic matter

- fIt also facilitates the elimination of nitrates and phosphates

How much BioClean_Salt do I need?

A vial each 15 days maintains an optimal purification of aquarium. To speed up the purification process, do not increase the dose but instead use the product more frequently.

An aquarium of 0-60 litres requires 1 vial of BioClean_Salt Nano every 15 days.

An aquarium of 61-120 litres requires 2 vials of BioClean_Salt Nano every 15 days.

Quantity: 4 vials per pack

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