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Pondsticks 750g

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• Balanced diet for all types of pond fish

• Contains Bio-Mos® for good digestion and health

• Floating food for surface feeding

• Vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 & 6 Oils

• 750g

The excellent pondsticks from Evolution Aqua provide the perfect balanced diet for all types of pond fish. This floating fish food is ideal for surface feeding and has been carefully formulated to enhance colour, to ensure all round health and to improve digestion. Improved digestion is important because this will result in less waste and therefore better water quality.

EA pondsticks include Bio-Mos® which is an effective prebiotic derived from the outer cell wall of yeast. Bio-Mos® stimulates digestion in pond fish and also promotes good bacteria which are crucial for healthy fish stocks. EA pondsticks also feature omega 3 & 6 oils, minerals, vitamins and spirulina. The latter helps to enhance colour.

Feeding Instructions: Feed Evolution Aqua pondsticks at least two or three times daily and only in quantities which the fish can consume within a few minutes. Do not feed when the water temperature is below 8°C.

Ingredients: Rice, soya, maize, prairie meal, wheat germ, fish meal, vitamins, salmon oil, Bio-Mos®, spirulina

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