Explore a New World at Paultons Park

There is an exciting new world of discovery now open at Paultons Park and Romsey World of Water has helped to make it possible!

Paultons Park is a fabulous, fun filled destination for the whole family. It offers a compelling mix of rides, themed attractions and animal exhibits which are all set in attractive and well-manicured grounds.

Critter Creek is a new themed area for 2015 which brings the adventures of the fictional Professor Blast vividly to life and introduces the weird and wonderful characters that he has discovered on his travels. Critter Creek is a colourful and vibrant area of the park and offers the chance to visit Beastie Burrow, the domain of many interesting and very real creatures! The exhibits in Beastie Burrow include a stunning array of fish, crustaceans and corals in two marine aquariums installed and maintained by Romsey World of Water.

Professor Blast sign
Beastie Burrow planted bed

The Science and the Magic

In 2014 the team at Romsey World of Water were approached by Paultons Park who asked us to create and install the two reef aquariums that would be become significant features in the Beastie Burrow. They were keen to work with a local organisation. They were also satisfied that we could offer considerable expertise, that we could provide the required ongoing support and they were impressed by the fact that we source sustainable livestock.

Our expert team set about designing the installation with the aim of creating features which were at once pleasing, eye catching and educational. Not too much of a challenge then!

Once the development of Beastie Burrow had reached a suitable point we began to install the two custom built tanks and the appropriate filtration and lighting systems. That lighting system was eventually to feature 1800 watts of LED lighting. Time was of the essence as we needed to complete the installation and allow it the required eight weeks to mature before Beastie Burrow was opened to the public. The installation took 40 hours of work but the results made all that effort worthwhile!

Beastie Burrow Tank Installation
Critter Creek Marine Tank One
Critter Creek Marine Tank Two

Beastie Burrow has proved to be a big hit with adults and children alike. Visitors of all ages have been fascinated by the reef aquariums. They are stocked with over 100 fish including Starfish, Clownfish, Banggai Cardinalfish, Regal Tangs and Orchid Dottybacks. These are joined by a variety of crustaceans and 250kgs of living rock. Through viewing the installation and via the excellent education programmes offered by Paultons Park, visitors learn more about the fish and about conservation. Indeed we were keen to feature the Banggai Cardinalfish as these are very nearly extinct in the wild. Kids are often attracted to the display initially because they love the Disney Pixar movie "Finding Nemo" and recognise the titular hero's cousins in the tanks.

Finding Dory

Beastie Burrow is set to receive up to one million visitors each year and interest may grow further in 2016 when the sequel to "Finding Nemo" - "Finding Dory" is released. This time the Regal Tang will be the star of the show and so we were delighted to include this species in the installation. It is crucial that the younger visitors to Paultons are engaged by the aquariums and inspired to learn more about the creatures they see.

Finding Success

We worked closely with Geoff Masson, the Livestock Manager at Paultons, and his dedicated team to achieve a spectacular and educational display. We continue to work with them to ensure that the aquariums are always healthy environments and look at their best. The aquariums have received much praise and we are excited to discover how they will evolve in the future. Reef aquariums are truly living art and never fail to fascinate and surprise.

The Technical Bit!

The installation took 6 weeks to assemble and build. It features two tanks each weighing 1.75 metric tonnes which have a combined water volume of 3000 litres. Lighting is provided by six Onyx LED units by Rapid LED. The set-up also features:

  • 2 x Polario 22k power heads by Seio
  • 4 x Powerflow 6000 by Sicce
  • 2 x 7000 V2 Powerpump return pumps
  • 2 x Bubble Magus C9 Skimmers
  • RO unit by Trademark Aquatics
  • Teco TK 3000 chiller