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Oase ProfiClear Premium Moving Bed Module Filter

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Intelligent high-end module filter system for Koi ponds and other large bodies of water to 260 m³, providing highly effective decomposition of pollutants and nutrients, thanks to professional filter media and the moving bed process.

• Highly efficient filter system with deep bed filtration to 60 microns

• Intelligent automatic self-cleaning function for unique maintenance free operation

• First class price/performance ratio

• Extremely large, protected settlement surface for microorganisms (806 m²/m³)

• Innovative bypass technology for optimal movement of the Hel-X bio-elements (50L decompose approx. 340 g of fish food per day - performance depends on temperature, feed quality and degree of settlement of microorganisms)

• Removal of toxins, such as ammonium / ammonia, nitrite and nitrate

• Aerator bar for optimal oxygen enrichment and turbulence

• Permanent, optimal oxygen supply; self-cleaning effect from dead biomass

• Integrated sludge drain with high-quality, finely-engineered slide valve

• Outstanding filter capacity with intelligent control functions

Dimensions: 83 L x 60 W x 82 H cm

Weight: 44kg

Guarantee: 2 years

Material: GRP Duroplast

Minimum flow rate: 10000 LPH

Maximum flow rate: 33000 LPH

Installation height above water level: 13 cm

Possible water level difference: 12 cm

Type of use: pump-fed or gravity-fed

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