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Oase Bitron C 110w

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BITRON C range clarifiers effectively fight algae with intelligent UVC technology. Pathogens and bacteria are safely reduced through the UVC radiation.


> Suitable for ponds up to 110 m³

> Elimination of suspended algae (green water)

> Reduction of harmful bacteria and pathogen levels

> Clever UVC function monitor, display for bulb change and water temperature

> Bypass technology enables optimal irradiation of the polluted water, even at high flow through rates

> Individual water flow adjustment for optimal adaptation to the connected filter pump

> Integrated magnets protect the UVC technology against limescale deposits

> Visual function check of the UVC bulb

> 100 %, VDE-certified safety; does not cause eye injuries

> Quick release technology for easy bulb replacement

> High-quality workmanship with impact resistant plastic housing

> Includes high quality UVC bulb

> Including OASE Clear Water Guarantee in conjunction with the OASE flow through filters, BioSmart, BioTec and ProfiClear

All Bitron devices have well-designed bypass technology. This allows individual adjustment of the water flow which is routed over the UVC bulb via the throttle handle. This makes it possible to set the optimal flow rate. Whether swimming pond, garden biotope, or fish and koi pond – Bitron devices are an ideal fit for any pond.

Algae, fish waste, and other pond pollutants can reduce the UVC radiation. The unique and integrated cleaning mechanism of the Bitron C range ensures simple, fast, and permanent cleaning of the UVC light source. This guarantees your customers the sustainable effect of the UVC radiation – for untroubled satisfaction.

Integrated magnets protect the system from dangerous lime deposits. Lime that is in the water can assume a crystalline form under the thermal development of the UVC light. These aggressive lime structures can destroy the bulb or block the rotor in the pump. The permanent magnets of the OASE Bitron clarifier prevent these crystals from forming through magnetic treatment of the water. This protects the pond as well as the filtration system and guarantees the unusually long service life of the OASE components.

All Bitron range UVC clarifiers are equipped with an indicator light or a control window. Thus the function of the UVC bulb can be checked at any time. The light tubes should be changed after every 10,000 hours of operation, to guarantee the full-strength capacity of the UVC light waves.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 730 x 215 x 200 mm

Rated voltage: 220 - 240 V / 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 110w

Power cable length: 5m

Net weight: 6.5kg

Guarantee: 2 years

UVC power: 110w

Temperature display: No

Bypass control: manual

UVC operating hours meter: No

Number of inlets: ST 1

Connection inlet: 19 / 25 / 32 / 38 / 50 mm

Number of outlets: ST 2

Connections outlet: 25 / 32 / 38 mm

Min. flow rate: 12000 LPH

Max. flow rate: 40000 LPH

Max. operating pressure: 1 bar

Suitable for ponds up to: 110 m3 max

Suitable for ponds with fish stock: 55 m3

Suitable for ponds with koi: 27.5 m3

Connection to ProfiClear, BioTec ScreenMatic² 140000, BioTec 30

Item no. 56902

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