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NT Labs Pond Booster Ammonia Remover 1kg


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All-in-one Nitrate/Ammonia and Phosphate remover - helps control waste, improves clarity, prevents blanket weed and generally helps to simulate the vitality of fish. Pond Booster is a powerful zeolite-based media with a small particle size to allow maximum capacity to remove ammonia and prevent the formation of nitrite and nitrate. Use to control waste, improve water quality and provide additional surface area for filter bacteria to grow on.

• Removes ammonia from ponds

• Helps control waste

• Stimulates fish vitality

Dosage: 1.4kg treats 6666 litres (1500 gallons)

Directions: Use when high levels of ammonia and nitrite have been detected which are caused by fish and plant waste or poor filtration. Add granules to filter in a filter media bag and replace every 8 weeks during summer months. Use regularly as part of your long-term filter maintenance routine to help to control waste build-up.

Regular use of Pond Booster restores water quality keeping water conditions healthy for fish.

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