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NT Labs Oxygen Test


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Oxygen is essential for the fish, plants and filter bacteria of your pond or aquarium. The concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water can easily drop to levels that are dangerous to the fish by causing hypoxia stress. This can leave them vulnerable to diseases and in extreme cases cause death. Ponds with consistently low levels of oxygen can frequently become stagnant and unable to support life. Levels of oxygen can become low in warmer water, at night, in ponds with an excessive build-up of detritus and sludge in the filter or substrate, and in hot, humid or thundery weather.

The best way to check the level of oxygen in your pond or aquarium is with NT Labs Pondlab Oxygen Test Kit.

When should you test the oxygen in your water?

> Regularly and at various times of the day

> When new stock is added

> Whenever ammonia or nitrite are detected as these pollutants reduce the fish's ability to take up oxygen

> When the pH has deviated from its normal value - fish unacccustomed to extremes of pH cannot take up oxygen effectively

> Before any chemical treatments are added to the pond or aquarium as these can slightly lower the oxygen levels - always ensure the oxygen level is above 6ppm before commencing any treatment such as algicides or fish disease treatments.

Each test kit contains the equipment needed to conduct 25 tests and comes with full instructions.

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