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NT Labs Mature Live Filter Bacteria 250ml

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Use NT Labs Pond Mature Live Filter Bacteria weekly for a healthy ammonia/nitrite free pond.

Ideal for use when establishing a new filter, adding new fish to a pond, or at the beginning of the season to help kick start the filter and remove sludge after winter dormancy or medicinal treatment. Use Mature if ammonia or nitrite are above zero or after cleaning the filter. Can be used weekly to maintain a natural unfiltered pond.

Directions: Shake bottle well. Use double dose at start of season or when establishing a new pond/filter. Add the required dose directly into the filter, if present. Can be used weekly to control spikes in ammonia and nitrite. Use PondLab test kits to monitor water quality. This product cannot be overdosed.

Dosage: 250 ml treats 4546 litres (1000 gallons)

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