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NT Labs Marine Live Filter Bacteria


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Biological filter starter for marine aquariums

Why? New aquariums need time for the ìfriendlyî bacteria to establish themselves and start working to remove deadly ammonia and nitrite from the water. Live Filter Bacteria works straight from the bottle, allowing the aquarium to be stocked right from the start.

What? Live Filter Bacteria is a suspension of nitrifying bacteria (including Nitrospira spp.) designed to work instantly to get the filter going, to remove nitrite and ammonia, and maintain a safe environment for all aquarium livestock.

When? Use in addition to live rock when starting a new aquarium or filter, after cleaning the filter elements, or whenever there is a measurable nitrite level in the water.

Note: This product is harmless to all aquatic life and cannot be overdosed.

Dosage: Follow the dosage instructions on the bottle label.

Quantity: 100ml

Article Code: MA320

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