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NT Labs Malachite 2.5L


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NT Labs Koi Care Malachite is an effective treatment for external parasite and fungus infections caused by Saprolegnia.

When to use: Use when fish show white growths on the body, head or fins which may contain some greenish or brownish discoloration.

Directions: Switch off UV until all the colour has gone from the water. Test your water quality first using Pondlab test kits. Aerate your pond well during medication. Wait 7 days after the final dose before treating with a different medication. If you feel that a repeat dose is necessary, check your diagnosis carefully using the diagnosis tool on our website, a different medication may be more suitable. Always treat when you have time to observe fish and take appropriate action if they react badly. Don't use at water temperatures above 30oC or in hot, humid weather. Don't mix medications. However, when used together with formaldehyde, activity is enhanced which means that less malachite can be used. High dose or frequently repeating dosing can damage the gills of the fish. If the required effect has not been achieved after two treatments, take further advice to establish the real cause of the problem.

Dosage: 250 ml treats 20,000 litres (4400 gallons)

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