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NT Labs Formalin 7 2.5L

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NT Labs Koi Care Formalin 7 treats persistent parasite infections of pond fish such as White Spot, Trichodina, Costia and Chilodonella.

• 7 Day application for persistent parasite infections

• Highly concentrated - 30% Formaldehyde

• Treats White Spot, Costia, Trichodina

• Excellent value size

Directions: Use when fish are flashing against rocks, gasping at the surface etc. A course of treatment for up to maximum 7 applications is recommended. One single dose may however be all that is necessary. Do not repeat treatment if after 7 days fish are recovered and well. You can 

add one dose every week for 7 weeks or stop after one or two doses have succesfully eradicated the problem. Switch off UV until 5 days after the final dose has been added.

 Formalin 7 may be used with Malachite 7. Can be used in Ponds with low level salt ( 1 to 1.5 oz / gallon salt ) with no detrimental side effects.

Dosage: 10ml treats 700 litres; 2.5 litres treats up to 7 x 25,000 litres

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