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NT Labs Flukasol 500ml


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Flukasol is an easy to use liquid suspension of flubendazole for the treatment of skin and gill flukes.

Directions: Best results will be seen when the water temperature is above 18oC. Use Flukasol Suspension when fish show signs of fluke infestation, preferably after confirmation by microscopy. Switch off UV for 7 days from the start of the treatment. Test your water quality first using Pondlab test kits. If you feel that a repeat dose is necessary, check your diagnosis carefully using the diagnosis tool on our website, a different medication may be more suitable. Always treat when you have time to observe fish and take appropriate action if they react badly. Don't use at water temperatures above 30oC or in hot, humid weather.

Dosage: 500ml treats 18,200 litres (4,000 Gallons)

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