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NT Labs Cristalclear Duckweed Control 1L


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Pond Cristalclear Duckweed Control, controls the unsightly spread of duckweed in pond water. It works by reducing the duckweeds natural food source thus eliminating future growth and helping to keep your pond water free from duckweed. Use Duckweed Control regularly for a cleaner pond.

• Deprives duckweed of essential nutrients

• Inhibits the growth of algae

• Easy to use

• Winner of the 2010 PATS Retailers Choice Award for "Best Water Gardening Product"

Dosage: 250ml treats 4550 Litres/1000 Gallons

Directions: Shake well before use. For best results, rake off as much duckweed as possible first. Mix full dose in a clean bucket of pond water, and then pour evenly around the pond. If the water is very badly affected the dose can safely be doubled without risk to fish. Use for a minimum of 6 months to achieve the optimum benefits. Add to the pond every week for the first 2 weeks and every other week thereafter during the growing season.

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