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NT Labs Acidity pH Test

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> Easy to use

> Accurate results

> Suitable for all ponds

> Contains 30 tests

pH is the measure of acidity or alkalinity of the water in your pond. Pond fish prefer the pH of the water to be between 7 and 8. Fluctuations outside these values can cause stress to the fish. If the water becomes too acidic or alkaline, the fish soon die. It is important to regularly test the pH, as new ponds can occasionally rise in pH, and older ponds tend to acidify over time. Also check the pH in the morning and evening as daily fluctuations are common, especially in heavy planted or algae infested ponds,

How do I do the test?

Take a 5ml sample of pond water into the test tube, preferably using a hygienic Easydip Water Sampler. Add 5 drops of the pH 4-10 reagent, replace the test tube cap and mix. Compare the colour of your sample to the colour scale provided.

What do I do if the level is wrong?

pH adjusters such as Koi Care KH Up or Koi Care pH Down will raise or lower the pH respectively. If you do need to adjust the pH of your pond, it is vital to do this slowly so as not to shock the fish. Change no more than 0.5 pH units per 2 days. Providing your tap water is of suitable pH, substantial water changes can correct a dangerous pH level. It is also important to checkthe KH of your pondwater.

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