Nexus Automatic Pump Fed System


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Continuing Evolution Aqua’s long standing reputation for innovation, the Nexus Automatic System now enables Nexus owners to benefit from a fully automated cleaning cycle on their multi award winning Nexus filtration systems. Physically turning ball valves and manually switching pumps on and off will now be a thing of the past thanks to the Nexus Automatic System. All of the key processes that form the cleaning cycle are now controlled automatically with this easy to install kit.

Key Features

■ Hassle free way to clean Nexus filtration systems

■ Automates the cleaning process of the Nexus

■ Easily fits onto Nexus 320 / 220 filters or Nexus 310 / 210 filters manufactured after 2006 installed on PUMP FED set-ups only

■ Electronic control box automatically operates valves and pumps

■ Adjustable timer controls the frequency of the automatic cleaning cycle to suit the user’s needs

■ Easy to set up for multiple cleaning cycles

■ Dual float switches for added security

■ Manual cleaning cycle can be carried out if needed, at the touch of a button

■ GRAVITY and PUMP FED versions available

Automatic Cleaning Process

Nexus Automatic Gravity Fed cleaning cycle:

■ Adjustable timer kicks in to start a cleaning cycle.

■ Control box automatically switches circulating pump off.

■ The water level in the Nexus equalises.

■ Inlet valve closes whilst at the same time air is diverted from the outer bio chamber to the EAZY to clean the K1 Micro.

■ After K1 Micro has been cleaned, the waste valve opens.

■ Eazy is drained to waste and inlet valve opens for a final flush of the EAZY.

■ The waste valve closes.

■ Air is diverted back from the EAZY to the bio chamber.

■ Circulating pump is switched back on.

■ Nexus returns to filtration mode.

The Nexus Automatic System can be easily set up to enable multiple cleans of the EAZY during the cleaning process.

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