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Nexus 320


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The award winning Nexus range just got better with the impressive Nexus 320 filtration system! This new generation filter delivers even clearer water for ponds via a combination of mechanical and biological filtration in one superb system.

So how does the Nexus work? Well water enters the system via the inlet and then accesses the inner chamber where a basic vortex causes larger solids to settle out. The water then passes through the Eazy where finer particles are removed by mechanical filtration. The water then moves to the outer chamber where biological filtration occurs via the K1 Media moving bed. From here the water proceeds to the exit chamber and back into the pond.

The New Nexus 320 features a re-designed Eazy filter which uses K1 Micro filter media in a static bed for the best mechanical filtration. The Nexus 320 then uses the highly regarded K1 Media in the moving bed for the highest levels of biological filtration. Biological filtration works through bacteria living on the surface of the K1 Media and converting ammonia and nitrite into harmless nitrate. The new Nexus also features a larger, easy to clean area for solid waste to be captured and to settle. The result is the clearest water and a healthy environment.

The latest Eazy has an updated pattern of slots in the body which improve efficiency through better flow rates. The Eazy filter can be removed if required for maintenance. The Nexus system is incredibly simple to clean and maintain.


Maximum flow rate 13,000 litres per hour

Maximum pond size 34,000 litres

Requires Airtech 95 air pump or above

Supplied with 100 litres of K1 Media and 20 litres of K1 Micro

Dimensions 1430 x 1320 x 1025mm

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