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Kusuri Topical Treatment Kit

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This is a complete and easy to use kit suitable for both experienced keepers and beginners. Use for the treatment of ulcers, wounds and fin rot. Topical treatment is more effective than general pond medications and could be a life-saver!


• 1 x 150ml of Kusuri Masuizai Koi Sedate

• 1 x 100ml Kusuri Roccal Wound Cleaner

• 1 x 100ml Kusuri Anti-Bac

• 1 x 100ml Spare bottle

• 1 x 25 Grams of Kusuri Orahesive Sealer Powder

• 1 x 50ml Kusuri Top Coat Sealer

• 1 pair of surgical gloves

• 10 x cotton bud applicators

• Comprehensive step by step instructions

Please note that most ulcers are the result of poor water quality and so you should attend to this issue as well as treating your fish. Before using your topical treatment kit it is advisable to lower the levels of bacteria in the water by adding Chloramine T or Acriflavine to the pond or non-chemical products like Kusuri Pro-100 which will not damage water quality or lower filter activity. Treatment will be most effective if problems are caught and dealt with early. You can use this kit throughout the year and with the water is at any temperature but Koi do heal faster when the water is above 15°C.

Read the enclosed instructions thoroughly before commencing treatment. It may be necessary to repeat the treatment. All kit components are replaceable and so there is no need to be concerned about running out of a particular item.

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