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Kusuri Sludgebuster 500ml


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Kusuri Sludgebuster is best applied weekly or at least once a month to keep your pond clean and hygienic. Ideal for ponds with no bottom drain, where the build up of waste can cause poor water quality and clarity.

Key Features:

> Reduces biological oxygen demand (B.O.D.) thus increasing oxygen availability to fish and the biological pond filter

> Improved water clarity

> Improves the hygiene of your pond

> Improves the flow rate through bottom drains, pipe work and pond filters

> Improves water quality by removing unseen sludge and detritus that could otherwise cause poor water quality

Dosage: 450 ml per 1000 gallons once a month, or as and when required.

For best results use above 15°C (59°F).

Kusuri Sludgebuster can be brewed with Preactivator. Use Preactivator 12 grams to one litre of Kusuri Sludgebuster. Add 12 litres of water, and heat with an aquarium heater to 25°C. Add an air stone and leave for seven days in the dark. Allow to cool and add to your filters. This brew will activate the Sludgebuster to make it very powerful and more effective.

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