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Kusuri Powder Gold 150g

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Kusuri Powder Gold, is a one off treatment that can be used at all temperatures to eradicate string algae and blanketweed.

> Effectively eradicates String Algae and Blanketweed

> Suitable for ponds containing fish and plants

> Simple to use

> Effective against green water

150g treats 3,000 litres (660 gallons)

Directions: Fill a clean watering can with approximately 5 litres of pond water. Add the correct volume of powder and stir well. (Use 50g for 1000 litres / 220 gallons.) Distribute evenly over the surface area of the pond. Avoid dropping the concentrated solution directly onto aquatic plants. If present switch off UV clarifier for up to 7 days for maximum effect. For further effect remove as much blanket weed as possible, also remove any decaying blanket weed in subsequent days as Powder Gold takes effect. A second dose maybe required after 7 days.

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