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Kusuri Chloramine T 250g

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Kusuri Chloramine T can be used to treat pond water in order to protect against gill flukes, body flukes, white spot, costia and bacterial gill disease. It will also reduce the level of pathogenic bacteria in the water.

Directions: Check the PH and KH levels of the pond water before using Chloramine T. Kusuri Chloramine T can be toxic in soft water. If the water is below PH7 (acid) and has a hardness below 6°dH (soft) then reduce the dose used by 75%. Do not use Chloramine T with salt. Use only when water temperatures are above12.5°C. Fill a watering can with pond water and add the required dose of Kusuri Chloramine T to the can. Apply the water to the pond gradually and over a 1 hour period to prevent shocking the pond with a concentrated dose. Do not use Kusuri Chloramine T with salt and switch off UV steriliser until treatment is complete.

Dosage: To reduce pathogenic bacteria levels use 5g of Chloramine T per 4564 litres of pond water. Repeat dose at 24 hour intervals for up to 5 days. To reduce parasite levels use 15g of Chloramine T per 4565 litres of pond water. Repeat the treatment at 24 hour intervals for up to 4 days. The regime can be repeated after 14 days have elapsed.

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