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Kessil A360NE LED Tuna Blue


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Join the Spectral Revolution!

At the junction of performance and aesthetics, Kessil introduces revolutionary lighting that captures the power of the sun. Kessil's award winning lights address all the needs of saltwater tanks while remaining simple and accessible.


Kessil lights are the only LEDs capable of producing a spectacular shimmer that rivals MH. The effect gives the look of natural sunlight on a coral reef. It's like having your own piece of the ocean.


Kessil LED Chips are manufactured in-house with spectrums customised for aquarist needs. Dense Matrix technology is used to build LED arrays with unique spectral blends. A proprietary blend of UV light enhances coral growth and colour.


Patented Dense Matrix LED technology concentrates multiple LED chips into a single light source, creating better and deeper penetration, without sacrificing coverage. New E-Series LEDs are 15% brighter than previous Kessil LEDs.


Tune the spectrum (10,000K to Actinic) and intensity for a personalised look. Kessil logic maintains consistent output across the tunable spectrum.

NE Model

Specially designed for a narrower light coverage.

Key Features:

• For marine aquariums

• Tunable light

• 90W power

• 10,000K to Actinic spectrum

• Kessil Logic™

• Spectral Controller compatible

• Easily connects to Gooseneck

• Up to 450mm (18") surface diameter coverage

• Narrow angle light

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