Code: DCT6000

Jebao/Jecod DCP 6500 Pump

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High performance pump with innovational motor from Jebao, champions of ecological design. Aptly then, they are changing their name to JECOD, which stands for Jebao ECOlogical Design.

Key Features:

• Slight head increase over previous models

• Adjustable speed controller now incorporates electronic detection of error conditions and visual warnings

• Ultra quiet for submerged pump applications

• High performance motor with innovative electronics resulting in power savings up to 65%

• Long operation life thanks to the wear-resistant ceramic shaft

• Automatic power-off protection (settings are retained if power is lost)

• Soft start operation – pump gradually builds up to set flow rate

• Can be used in marine and freshwater applications


Model: DCP 6500

Max flow rate: 6500 lph

Max head: 4.5m

Power: 55w

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