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JBL Plankton Pur S5 5g x8

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100% fresh, pure zooplankton as a daily feed for fish and shrimps of 2-6cm in size

• Responsibly sourced from the cold, clean, unpolluted Arctic waters of Norway

• Contains crustaceans and molluscs 2 mm in size

• Ready to use, in pre-prepared portions

• High nutritional value (30 mg/g omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids)

• Optimal colouring thanks to 20 µg/g natural astaxanthin

• No preservatives

• Makes for a nutritious, varied and natural diet

• Highly palatable – 98.5% of fish ate JBL food during research expeditions in the wild

What are the benefits of using JBL Plankton Pur?

• Up to 100% higher survival rate in fish breeding

• Up to 100% higher growth rate in juvenile fish

• A 3.5 times higher stress tolerance

• Enhancement of colour and well-being of the fish

• A 50% reduction of unwanted pattern in colouration

• An 18 times reduction of the bacterial density of the dangerous Vibrio species, compared to food enriched with Artemia nauplii

Suitable for: Freshwater & Marine fish and shrimps of 2-6cm in size

Feeding Instructions: Feed one stick once daily. One 5 g stick contains food for fresh and saltwater fish in aquariums over 200 l

Size: Small

Weight: 5g

Quantity: 5g x 8

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