Code: T08115

Hydor ETH External Heater 200W 16mm

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External Canister Filter Heater from Hydor.

First and unique external heater for aquariums with the exclusive PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) technology. The self-limiting PTC heating element guarantees maximum safety against any risk of overheating. The exclusive technology and the high quality of the components guarantee a long lasting product.

Suitable for canister filters and sump tanks.

Key Features:

• Exclusive PTC technology

• High precision

• Highly damage-resistant

• Long lasting

• Easy to use

• Easy to connect

• PTC super safe

• Hanging eyelet

• Universal – suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums

How do I install it?

The ETH heater must be installed outside the aquarium. It can easily be installed on the delivery tube of the external filter, by cutting the tube and linking the two parts to the connectors of the heater.


Product Code: T08115

Power: 200W

Diameter of int. hose: 16mm

Suitable for T* up to 8°C: 100-200 litres

Suitable for T* up to 10°C: 100-180 litres

*T = the difference between the aquarium temperature required and the minimum temperature in the room where it is situated

For more information, click here to watch this great video from Hydor.

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