Aquarium Maintenance Supplies

It is crucial to maintain a healthy environment in your aquarium and at Romsey World of Water our range features all the essential supplies that you need to do that effectively. Alongside our exceptional collection of aquariums, aquarium food, equipment, decorations and accessories, we also offer great accessories for the maintenance of your tank. These include aquarium auto-feeders, nets, protective mats and testing kits. Testing the chemistry of your water is an important aspect of aquarium maintenance and so our testing kits are an extremely wise investment.

Test Kits for Maintaining Aquarium Health

Aquarium test kits are an essential supply needed to maintain an healthy aquarium. With the knowledge that test kits provide an aquarist is able to make informed decisions about the health of their tank.

The JBL Proscan test kits are the latest innovation in aquarium water analysis and partner testing strips with a mobile app. It can be difficult to deduce the information you need from test strips alone, especially if you are a novice, but JBL Proscan test kits are changing all that. With the app performing the analysis and providing the advice you need, you can ensure that your aquarium water's chemistry is optimised. JBL Proscan testing kits are a significant step forward in aquarium maintenance and have garnered impressive reviews from aquarists who have used them.

If you are inexperienced or unsure and need further advice as to the maintenance equipment you need for your aquarium, your feeding regime, cleaning regime or any aspect of fish keeping then please do get in touch. Our friendly team at Romsey World of Water are always on hand to help and can explain any of the products which feature in our comprehensive range.