Aquarium Decoration

With the right aquarium decorations you can create beautiful aquascapes that look fabulous and which provide safe and appealing environments for your fish. You can use your creative skills and imagination to produce wonderful results with natural looking, dramatic, themed or humorous aquascapes that really draw the eye. If you need further assistance then please do pop in to see us or contact our friendly, expert team as we are always happy to help!

A nicely decorated fish tank can make a fabulous feature in any home or office. Decorations not only enhance the look of your tank, but with careful planning they can even complement the décor in the room. They can also be used to reflect your interests and personality if you opt for a particular theme or a touch of humour.

Creating an Environment

The most essential role of aquarium decoration is to provide a suitable environment for your chosen fish. Fish can feel vulnerable if they are totally exposed and prefer a well-furnished tank. If they have potential hiding places they will be more relaxed which is good for their health and which will ensure that they exhibit their natural behaviours. The fish will be more active and could even show improved colouration.

The Wrong Decorations

You can decorate your aquarium with anything which is not toxic to the fish but the various species will have preferences and so it is worth researching their natural habitats and needs. Please note that some non-toxic substances can become toxic when immersed in water as they can dissolve. In addition soft stone can be rubbed by fish and the resulting particles can choke the fish or block their intestines. Always avoid plastics which have not been designed for aquarium use as these may feature harmful chemicals.

The Right Aquarium Decoration

At Romsey World of Water we have a fine range of decorations which have been produced specifically for aquariums and so are safe to use. We have attractive artificial plants and ornaments in our range together with rocks, gravel, sand and wood including roots and bark. We also feature a variety of backgrounds including rock, coral and root designs and plain backgrounds.