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Evolution Aqua evo110 UV Clarifier

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Evolution Aqua Evo 110 UV Pond Water Clarifier

The impressive EVO 110 UV clarifier by Evolution Aqua is easy to install and will produce amazingly clear water in your pond! The latest techniques and technology have been incorporated into the design of this unit creating a free flow of water. This enables the ultra violet light to destroy single cell algae as the water passes through. Single cell algae cause pond water to turn green.

The unit is stylish, robust, safe and energy efficient. A tough outer casing ensures that it can withstand the appropriate operating pressure whilst the electronic ballast sits in a watertight casing and is low energy. The unit is both fused and fitted with thermal overload protection and so will never overheat. The Evo 110 can be installed to a flexible hose via the included stepped hosetails. You can also install it to a hard pipe and to do this you will require a K82-23-66 adaptor which is a separate purchase. The unit can be fixed vertically or horizontally with the supplied mounting brackets.

The correct clarifier for your particular pond will depend on a variety of factors including the surface area of the water, the degree to which the pond is shaded and the amount of stock that you keep. The Evo 110 is suitable for ponds with a volume of up to 75,000 litres but the aforementioned factors should be considered. Please speak to a member of our team if you require further guidance.


For ponds up to: 75,000 litres

Maximum flow rate: 36,500 litres per hour

Bulb life: 9000 hours

Bulb required: 2 x 55 watt EVO55B

Inlet/Outlet: 2 inch BSP male thread

Adaptor required for hard pipe fittings: K82-23-66

Electrical rating: 220-240V, 50Hz, 67-81 watt

Dimensions: 1000mm x 260mm x 115mm

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