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Evolution Aqua Ea Reef Pro 900S: Ultra Gloss Black


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eaReefPro aquariums from Evolution Aqua combine style and quality, luxury with practicality. Choose one of five models, any one of the 16 premium cabinet colours and finishes, then add your choice of equipment for the ultimate in flexibility.

Marine keepers will benefit from the same high quality aquariums and 16 contemporary cabinet finishes that are associated with eaReef, but now they can have a taller aquarium (24” high) with a new central glass weir box, rigid pipework and an aquarium with a black background.

The eaProSump sets the standard for design and flexibility, including market-leading top-up reservoir volumes, multiple chambers to accommodate skimmers, reactors and algae refugiums, as well as height adjustable sump baffles.

Key Features

Super white low-iron glass & black silicone

Every eaReefPro aquarium uses the finest quality, thickest low-iron glass for enhanced safety and viewing. Skilled craftsmen build every eaReefPro aquarium, producing the neatest, most uniform, silicone seal. The reefscape inside is protected by a perfect, waterproof seal, framing the vista, while not detracting from it.

Discreet central weir

The central weir enables uninterrupted viewing from the left or right side of the aquarium and disappears seamlessly into the background. Made from strong black glass, the weir comes with removable acrylic comb.

Proven design

eaReefPro runs a “Herbie” style pipework configuration, enabling large water flow through, fine adjustment, yet near silent operation. The all-important emergency overflow standpipe is also included with every model.

Advanced sump

The glass/acrylic hybrid eaProSump enables exact water level height adjustment. Every model has four chambers to separately accommodate protein skimmer, reactor or refugium, return pump and auto top-off device.

Pre-assembled cabinet

The eaReefPro cabinet range includes some of the highest quality finishes available. Choose from modern, minimalist or rustic, matt or gloss, colourful or cutting edge. The choice is yours. Every eaReefPro cabinet comes to you pre-assembled by skilled craftsmen, and silicone sealed to prevent water ingress. Complete with both push-open and soft-close doors, eaReefPro cabinets come with quick release, triple adjustable door hinges, and in 16 colours to match your surroundings.


Aquarium Dimensions (LxWxH): 90 x 50 x 60 cm

Overall System Volume: 267 Litres

Aquarium Specifications: 12mm glass thickness, super white glass, black silicone, black vinyl wrap background, black glass weir, removable acrylic weir comb

Sump Dimensions (LxWxH): 80 x 35 x 40 cm

Sump Specifications: 6mm outer glass thickness, 8mm divider glass thickness, black silicone, 2 x moveable baffle plates, unique macro algae comb

Cabinet Dimensions (LxWxH): 90 x 50 x 83 cm

Cabinet Specifications: 16 cabinet colours to choose from, 2 doors, soft close, push open, pre-assembled

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