Evolution Aqua Airtech Air Pump 95L

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Oxygen is crucial for aquatic life and it is important to deliver the correct levels to your pond. Evolution Aqua Airtech diaphragm pumps have been designed to provide a robust, reliable and economical aeration system for pond keepers. EA Airtech air pumps are fitted with thermal protection (cut out) as standard to prevent them overheating.

This pump will provide even oxygenation for your pond resulting in a healthy environment with no areas of stagnation. The Airtech 95 will process a maximum of 95 litres of water per minute (78 litres at a depth of 1 metre). The pump requires minimal maintenance and features quiet operation.


• Maximum capacity 95 litres per minute

• Capacity at a depth of 1 metre is 78 litres per minute

• Maximum operating depth of 4.35 metres

• Power usage 62 watts

• Voltage 220 – 240 volts


• Low power consumption

• Total reliability

• Long life expectancy

• 2 year warranty period

• Minimal Maintenance

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