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ET Imitation Dog Biscuit NEW


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Continually innovating and looking at ways to improve their existing products, a current trend towards the use of smaller surface baits has led Enterprise Tackle to re-design their popular counterbalanced imitation dog biscuits.

The new versions are not only smaller but are also much more stable in the water, due to the tapered side design and the inclusion of a zig foam insert, which can also be soaked in flavouring before being inserted, to add extra attraction. A raised hooking tab on the top of the biscuit ensures that the hook remains in the perfect position to get a good hookhold.

A split-shot counterweight added into the base inverts the biscuit so that the hook sits on top above the waterline, out of view from any wary carp.

To avoid accidental loss, the experts at ET recommend side-hooking using a size 10 or 12 wide gape hook in conjunction with a longish hair, as shown in the sequence of pictures. Use the counterweight shot pinched on to the hair loop as a hair stop, pulled into the recess. Using this method, should the hook pull free from the bait whilst playing a fish, the bait remains attached to the hair and is not lost. It does throw up an exceSs loop of hair on top of the bait, but this does not impede hooking. The baits can, of course, if preferred, also be side-hooked in the normal fashion, with the hook link tied to the eye of the hook as shown in the main product photo.

Quantity: 5 per pack

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