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eSHa EXIT Whitespot Treatment


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Anti-whitespot treatment

• Treats all “spot” causing parasitic species (i.e. ich or ichthyophthirius multifiliis), which cause white spots on the body and fins, and cause the fish to rub and scratch itself against hard objects

• In contrast to other treatments on the market, also treats “velvet” disease (oodinium pillularis), the symptoms of which are often confused with spot diseases and usually require a different treatment

• Also treats less common Import Spot (which causes big white spots), Pepper Spot, Black Spot and Coarse Spot

• Can be used in conjunction with eSHa 2000® to provide a combined, widely effective tool to treat most diseases your fish will encounter

Quantity: 20ml

Treats: 1000 L

Article Code: C005

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