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Colombo Pond Test Lab Professional

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This Colombo Pond Test Lab Professional will test for the six main water parameters: pH, GH, KH, NO2, NO3, & NH3. Maintaining the correct levels in your pond is essential for clear water and healthy fish and plants. The only way to accurately test these levels is with a test kit.

A cost-effective way to test the general health of your pond, the Kit includes test tubes, instruction cards and record forms which make water testing very easy. Colombo Water Test Kits come with a convenient plastic case for ideal safe storage.

Contains: pH tests x40, General Hardness tests x25, Carbonate Hardness x25, Nitrite tests x40, Nitrate tests x40, Ammonia tests x40, Phosphate tests x40, test tubes, colour charts, syringe, manual instruction booklet.

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