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Carbon Cartridge for AquaStyle 850 (25004C)

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Replacement carbon cartridge for the EcoStyle 81 and other suitable filters.

How does the cartridge work?

This cartridge contains Aqua One's high quality activated carbon, which removes toxins and organics from your aquarium water, keeping it healthy and crystal clear. Carbon has microscopic pores that absorb minute particles held in suspension in your aquarium water. As the water passes through the carbon, the carbon “traps” the minute waste particles in its pores, and consequently removes them from the water. The carbon is surrounded by a layer of wool to trap debris and small particles.

It is the perfect shape and size for your filter.

How often should I replace my cartridge?

This depends largely on the quality of the aquarium water. We would recommend replacing your cartridge after six weeks, at which point the microporous surface of the activated carbon is likely to have become saturated. It is worth checking your cartridge periodically in the meantime to ensure that it hasn't become clogged, as it would then return the collected waste back into your aquarium.

Item No.: 25004C

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