Autumn is Nature’s Time for Pond Cleaning

Ladybird on leaf litter in pond

You’ve heard the old adage: “Autumn is Nature’s time for planting”, and of course, that’s very true. A lesser known fact is that Autumn is also the ideal time for pond cleaning.


  • the pond water is at its warmest – making it the most convenient time for you to put your hands in it!
  • your pond receives the most debris at this time of year – neglecting to keep it clean now could cause you problems in Spring!
  • pond plants are dying back, making them easier to manoeuvre and relocate, and dying into your lovely pond water
  • the wildlife population of your pond is at its lowest – so acting now will cause the least disruption to any little critters
  • we currently have a great range of pond cleaning & maintenance equipment on offer here at Romsey World of Water!
Leaf litter on pond

What needs doing?

Trim your plants back – You will notice that your aquatic plants are already starting to die back and decay, but don’t worry! They aren’t dying. They are scaling back and preparing themselves for Spring. You’ll want to trim any decaying plant matter so that it doesn’t decompose in the water and rob it of oxygen. This will also allow optimum sunlight into the water for your oxygenating plants during the Winter period.

Remove debris – As lovely an Autumn as we’ve been having, no doubt a fair amount of leaf litter and other debris will have collected on or under the surface of your pond. As these decompose, they steal oxygen away from your plants and pond inhabitants, and provide toxic gas instead! It’s therefore a good idea to use a pond cover net at this time of year, or install a pond skimmer, both of which are available on our website. Just click on the links for more information. Also available are nets – the best way to clear that unwanted debris once it's there.

Clean your pond base – This needn’t be as unappealing as it may sound! The base of your pond is made up of nutrition-rich silt, so you won’t want to purge your pond of all of it. You will, however, want to rid that silt of any decaying vegetation that might have got through if you’ve only just got round to doing the previous two steps, and you can have too much silt build-up. To make this a hassle-free and, more importantly, mess-free doddle of a job, there are such things as pond vacuums that hoover your pond base for you. Check out the great range we have available online.

Check your water quality – You’ll have a good idea that your pond needs a clean by the look and the smell of it, but a water test kit is the best way to check how healthy your water is. A partial water change is recommended at this time of year. Effective treatments are available for a wide range of water health issues, to make sure you’re providing ideal living conditions for your fish and wildlife, especially as we head towards Winter. Water gardening experts are always on hand here at Romsey World of Water, so feel free to give us a call, drop us a line or pop in store if you need any advice.

Pond Vacuum

Fancy a change?

If you’re going to all this trouble for a pond clean, why not push the boat out and spruce things up a bit? You’ll be glad you did in Spring! And there's no better time to do it. We have brand new pond liners in stock and, as always, our highly recommended pre-formed ponds. We have lots of great pumps, filters and water features available and our aquatic plants are currently on sale at discounted prices, so now really is the perfect time for a re-vamp!