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Jacquemonti White-barked Himalayan Birch Tree (pleached)

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The Jacquemonti Birch, or White-barked Himalayan Birch, has the whitest bark of all the birch varieties, which provides a stunning contrast to the deep green leaves of this species.

We have several of these exquisite trees, and you will notice they have been pleached, or grown across a frame; a traditional method of training trees to add to the architecture of a garden.

Could Jacquemonti birches emblazon a wall, line a walkway, or provide some privacy for your garden?

They could for half the price!! Our pleached birch trees are all reduced from £599.99 to an amazing £300.00!!

Pleached trees are often chosen to provide some privacy for an intimate space, to line a walkway in grand fashion, or to decorate an otherwise unremarkable flat surface.

For more information on pleaching, read this fascinating article by the Telegraph:

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