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IM NUVO Fusion Nano 20 Complete Kit

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Innovative Marine make living art a striking reality with their stunning aquariums.

All you need to do is use your imagination to create the most fabulous aquascapes in this Nano aquarium with a forward thinking design and amazing viewing via the ultra-clear glass. Although images show this versatile aquarium with a reef set-up, it is also perfectly suited for a freshwater or tropical aquascape. This amazing kit provides outstanding value for money.

The Innovative Nuvo Fusion Nano 20 is the most advanced AIO (all-in-one) in its class. The Fusion series has been recently upgraded to offer the premium features of the full size SR collection. The Fusion Nano 20 is a 20 gallon (90 litre) aquarium with a contemporary design and low iron, high clarity glass. It provides the perfect combination of stylish design, great viewing and the cleanest water. The black stand includes magnetic cabinet latches, storage shelves and pre-cut cable ports. Innovative Marine Fusion aquariums are award winning models which set the benchmark for excellence and provide stunning features for homes and offices.


• Dimensions: 61 x 38 x 33cm

• 6mm High Clarity Low Iron Glass

• Mesh Screen Top with Clips

• Dual Built-in Overflows

• Rubber Leveling Mat

• Removable 3 Stage Filter Baskets

• 11W 110v/60Hz 211 GPH Return Pumps

• Includes: Flexible hose and return elbows with Dual Directional Flow Nozzles

Kit includes:

> 1 x pump

> 1 x Micron Filter sock

> 2 x Custom Caddies

> 2 x Spin Streams

> 2 x Skkye LED lights

Spin Stream

Catch the wave. Instantly create turbulent currents that mimic natural ocean tides with the “Must Have” accessory for the NuvoAquarium. Watch as your plants naturally sway back and forth as nature intended. The SpinStream effortlessly exhausts random 40 degree circular wave patterns to enhance oxygen levels, plant growth, and nutrient import/export.


• Creates random 40 degree circular wave patterns

• Fits all NuvoAquariums w/o adaptors

• Compatible w/most power heads, canister filters, and All-In-One aquariums

• Includes ½”, 5/8”, & ¾” cut to fit rubber adaptors

• Intended for use with flow rates between (52-600) gallons per hour

• Helps remove waste from corals

• Improves oxygen levels

• Improves coral expansion & growth

• Requires no additional electricity

Custom Caddy

Customize your mechanical, chemical, and biological filter media or convert to a living refugium. Choose between your favourite filter pads, activated carbon, ion exchange resins, or synthetic polymers to target specific toxins and pollutants. CustomCaddy media baskets are designed to extract a wide range of impurities for a cleaner and clearer aquarium.


• (4) laser cut slots and (2) slide out acrylic shelves to accommodate the media of your choice

• convenient sliding door grants quick access for ultra-fast media changes and makes maintenance a breeze

Skkye Light

Pair off your Fusion Nano with the new stylishly slim SKKYE Light 18 watt LED clamp. Specifically designed for the Fusion Nano 10 & 20, this clamp light may also be used with other rimless aquariums for a space saving form factor and pure minimalism. Each clamp boasts 6 x 3 watt LEDs (3 x 10K and 3 x 456nm) that gives the Clamp 18 a powerful 18 watt light output. Alternating LED colour pattern blends a unique colour spectrum that meets the needs for fish only or reef aquarium.


• LED Watts: 6 x 3 Watt

• Colour: 3 x 10K and 3 x 456nm

• Current: 600mA

• Single Light Cycle

• Mounting Bracket: Fits on NUVO Aquariums Fusion Nano 10 & 20

Micron Filter Sock

Instantly improve your water quality with our pre-rinsed 200 micron filter socks. These highly durable mechanical filters help trap uneaten food, free floating particulate matter, micro-bubbles, and even dust from your aquarium. Pre-moulded with internal plastic handles for easy servicing and double stitched for maximum reliability, micron socks are truly the BEST upgrade to your filter/sump for polishing water. The result, a CLEANER & CLEARER aquarium!


• High Quality Double stitched Felt

• 200 Micron pore size

• Pre-rinsed for instant use

• Made in USA

• Internal Plastic Handles for convenience

• Available in 4”x 12” & 7”x 16”

• Individually labelled with quick-tear UPC on exterior

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